“Write a short essay about yourself”, says my Algebra Prof. Well, you’re in for a surprise.

Name: Alva, Angeli Caryce M.


High School: Caritas Don Bosco School                               Transferred from: De La Salle University – Manila

 I will start with the maybe most shocking fact about myself before anything else: I’m a teenage mother. I am nineteen years old, turning twenty this year, and I have a one year old son. I cannot say I live an easy life, but I’m sure there are more out there who are struggling with more difficulty than I do. I am single, and will try to be single until I finish college. I am taking up BSBA Entrepreneurship here in DLS-C.

My goals for this 2012 is to become a Dean Lister for the whole year, if not, until I graduate. I’m aiming to be a better mother, sister, student, daughter… basically just be a better person. I want to be more organized. I can start by using a planner and see if it makes my daily duties less burdening and better accomplished. I also want to live a healthier lifestyle and lose more of the weight I gained during the pregnancy. That is why my sister and I decided to jog 4-5 times a week.

What I’ve been feeling lately? Anxious, because I have unfinished business with my son’s father. Excited and Nervous, because I’m restarting my education in a different college. I’m also helping out in the family business, which I am very interested in. But most of all, I feel confident. Though at times when people ask me why I transferred or why I stop, I feel awkward telling them of my situation. But I’m never ashamed of it. I take pride in having the most adorable and lovable little boy, and I’ll never deny him or avoid talking about him. He is my inspiration and the most important thing in my life. I try my best not to judge people; hopefully I won’t be judged in return. I believe only God has the right to judge, no one else.

*will be copy/pasting this to MS word so I can print it out and submit it tomorrow. I might modify something here and there, but the important things shall remain for my professor to see. My prof didn’t want anything structured, that is why my paragraphs are a lil so-so. She just wanted to know more about her students. There you go, Prof. 🙂


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