Of What Use Is Literature?

An arrangement of words compiled together is called a text. However, an arrangement of words created to express meaningful content is called Literature. It can take up many forms, like comic books, folk tales, novels, plays, poetry, and many more. Nevertheless, what is its importance? What is its use?

People read to obtain knowledge and information. Literature gives that. However, it also gives so much more. Somehow, it could be described as the language of culture, history and tradition. A great example of this is a novel. A novel, most of the time, follows the life of the main character, may the work be fiction or not. As it follows the main character, it must also describe its way of living, thus giving us culture. It also must mention the time and place, or what is called the “setting” of the story, so readers can understand the beliefs and premises of the novel, thus giving us both history and tradition. 

Another use of Literature is for entertainment and genuine interest. Avid readers exist because they find pleasure in reading. Others develop a liking in a certain subject matter, resulting to reading and research about it.

It has changed lives of people, affected some kind of decision (directly or indirectly), and definitely helped the intellect and education of the humankind. Literature, in all its forms, is of great use to the world.





The World Book Encyclopaedia, Volume 12


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