Thoughts on the 2nd wave of E-commerce

Electronic commerce or ecommerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. It covers a range of different types of businesses, from consumer based retail sites, through auction or music sites, to business exchanges trading goods and services between corporations. It is currently one of the most important aspects of the Internet to emerge.

Ecommerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance. Electronic commerce has expanded rapidly over the past five years and is predicted to continue at this rate, or even accelerate. In the near future the boundaries between “conventional” and “electronic” commerce will become increasingly blurred as more and more businesses move sections of their operations onto the Internet.

Now, the second wave of E-commerce includes social networking, blogging, and the use of YouTube. These are are present trends among the internet that is highly effective for any kind of business due to it’s popularity.

Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision, if you will. Although social networking is possible in person, especially in the workplace, universities, and high schools, it is most popular online. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are examples of social networks.

I have an active account on popular social networking websites Facebook and Twitter. I use them regularly, and by regular I mean I check on them for about 5-10 times a day. Social Networking sites have both advantages and disadvantages. Being an active user, I think of them rather highly than the latter. I appreciate the cleverness it takes to create a social networking site and market it into becoming a global phenomenon, which is what Facebook and Twitter have done. I am aware of their dangers and negative outcomes and believe that I do a pretty swell job on not letting it consume my everyday routine, though they are very time-consuming. I haven’t experienced any emotional or physical danger that it can inflict on their users, like cyber-bullying and excessive computer-related health problems, and I am very thankful for that. Games in Facebook can be very addicting, but I don’t make it a priority. I even use these sites for academic-related purposes, like communicating with my fellow classmates about projects and home works.

“Blog” is an abbreviated version of “weblog,” which is a term used to describe web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other Web sites, usually presented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order. Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects. Blogging is the term used when writing a blog.

Even with its popularity, I have never really liked blogging. I tried it before. I guess it’s just not my thing, though I don’t have any negative opinions about it. Blogging helps the people exercise their right to speak their minds, which I fully support. It also serves as an instrument for artists to impart their creative works, may they be literary, musical or visual. Apparently, it also serves as an instrument for academic-related purposes. I made a WordPress account for projects.  I don’t plan on using this account for anything other than that. As mentioned earlier, blogging isn’t really my thing. However, I do like reading blogs. They are very informative and handy when it comes to research.

YouTube is an online public communications site. The site allows for registered users to upload and have available for the public their videos for viewing. Anyone who goes to the site can view the videos that are posted on this site. The videos are anything from beginner videos to more professional videos.

I visit YouTube from time to time, mostly for entertainment reasons. I watch music videos, trailers, sometimes even movies, and other comedic materials made by ordinary users, just like me. I used to watch YouTube sensation Shane Dawson all the time in high school, but now have outgrown him. He posts all this funny and idiotic videos and Vlogs (Video Blogs). I think YouTube is a great source of information and entertainment, but it also causes great loss of time. Just the buffering and loading of videos take up a lot of it, especially if your internet is slow, and you end up watching one video to the next. I’m not an avid user, but I also like YouTube.



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