Remove this from your Bucket List, NOW


Plenty of my closest friends, family and Facebook friends have put up awesome pictures of their awesome holidays in the awesome continent of Asia. I myself have not got there yet and until this week one of the major things to do on my bucket list was ride and bathe an Elephant.

Now before you get defensive, it does look like an awesome and fun thing to do, because of course the Elephants are happy right, they’re tame so it means they were brought up this way, and everyone else has done it so it has to be fine! This sheep mentality of western tourists is to blame for the increasing amount of Asian elephants dying from over exhaustion, and maybe even depression.

An elepahnt that has died from exhaustion source: Twitter An elephant that has died from exhaustion source: Twitter

I’m going to keep it short, because I imagine that by now, some people have clicked off this…

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The First Four-Letter Word of Parenting: LOVE

True that!

Parenting is a Four Letter Word

LOVE :  First four letter word of Parenting.  It encompasses every feeling and thought you have ever felt.  It is peacefulness, joy, radiance, overwhelming feelings of protection that are born so deep within, its origin is a mystery but it lies somewhere inside your children’s eyes, a recognition from one soul to the other akin a familiarity transcending our realm of reality and what we know as our universe, invisible yet palpable chords that are struck with every smile or soft caress or just the indescribable contentment a mother feels while holding said offspring.  Or something like that.

Parenting begins with LOVE… all other four-letter words just make for good writing!  😉

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College of Business Executive Committee, Science and Technology Complex Government

As the school year ends, so as my term as the first College of Business Representative of the Science and Technology Complex Government (STCG) under the University Student Government of De La Salle University. Never did I think I would be that kind of student who will be active in an organization, let alone the school’s student council. Here I am, ending my term as the COB Rep. and now starting a new one as Campus President of STCG for the school year 2014-2015.

I would like to take this opportunity to immortalize my year through this shamefully inactive blog of mine, and one day reminisce on all the lessons, challenges and memories I gained and went through.

1st Term

Image(c) Marlon Saquing



(c) Regie Hizon



(c) Mita Pangan

During the first term, we had the RVR COB General Assembly wherein I discussed to my constituents the changes the integration brought to our college. Before entering, I gave them their “Passport to Success”, a pamphlet designed like a passport containing what books to read, what movies to watch, how to survive in COB, what TV series to watch, and job opportunities their degree programs bring. After my module, we had a “Financial Fitness” talk given by Mr. Jyro Trivino, former DSI head in STC.

SENSORed was our fund raising event for this term. We had Wii and X-Box consoles put up in the school’s Auditorium and charged those who wanted to play 10 pesos per game. This went on for three days and it was a success. Students would like to have this event repeated, if possible. This was an STCG effort, spearheaded by COB and CCS Executive Committee.

I’ve never thought I would ever organize a Sports fest, but I was able to. Animolympics was the first integrated sports fest wherein students from Manila Campus were invited to join. Out of all the events I organized, this must have been the hardest. I’m not a sporty person nor am I considered well-verse when it comes to the rules of Basketball, Volleyball, Frisbee, and Soccer. I do not know how I manage to have gone through with this event. It was truly a learning experience. This was a tie-up with OSD.


2nd Term


(c) Rap Aguillon



(c) College Government of Business



(c) Ryel Medina



(c) AJ Rivera

Our 2nd term fund raising activity was SPLASH, a car wash located near the student parking. Though it did not sell as much due to the bad weather (how unlucky), it was a first. No one in the history of DLSC had thought of holding a car wash within the school.

Another first was the COB Campus Swap, a collaboration with College Government of Business, also under the University Student Government. We had 25 students from DLSU STC and DLSU M “swap” lives for a day and attend classes from the other campus. A feedback received was to increase the number of participants.

In my efforts to further prepare my constituents to the outside world, we held “Jumpstart Your Future”, a career talk discussing on how to ace that job interview, business etiquette, and knowing your career path. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Maria Paquita D. Bonnet, coordinator for Job Placement of DLSU.

Lastly, an event dear to my heart was the annual Christmas Bazaar, a tie-up with the Junior Management Association. JMA was the organization I joined the year where I was Chief Finance Officer before entering USG, and the Christmas Bazaar of that year was the first event I organized in, then, De La Salle – Canlubang. It was also the first (or second?) event I hosted. This year, we called it “Spectacular, Spectacular Christmas Carnival”, surrounding the theme of circus. Beside the food and dry goods stall (we had about 40 concessionaires), we also had a mechanical bull ride and inflatable slide. During the night, we had a variety of performances by students and friends from nearby schools. It was a cool, chillax night wherein people came to shop, enjoy the show, try on some rides, and eat heartily. Proceeds from the concessionaires and entrance fee were donated to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

3rd Term


(c) Ryel Medina



(c) Ryel Medina



(c) Angel Alva



(c) Angel Alva



(c) Angel Alva

3rd term posted to become the most challenging term I had, since we organized Animonopoly: RVR COB week and Lasalyano, Ikaw Ang Pagbabago University Vision-Mission Week 2014, in just a two-week span. In line with Animonopoly, we organized two seminars in hopes to increase the students knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship, two topics rarely talked about within the classroom. We had Dr. Emil Hudtohan as our guest speaker for “Bigger, Better, Stronger, Power: Corporate Social Responsibility” and Gawad Kalinga Social Entrepreneurs Alvie Benitez and Fabian Courtielle for “When Good Guys Finish First: Social Entrepreneurship” seminar.

At the same time, I was an event head in STC for the UnivWeek, handling one LEAP class entitled “He Said, She Said, Nat Said: Dating 101” and Palarong Lasalyano, another STCG effort spearheaded by COB Executive Committee. It was a whirlwind of events, and some among the others dished out a lot of problems, but I wasn’t alone. Thankfully, everything went well and met our expectations. We had Christine Fojas, PJ Alcaraz, and Nat Nat De Leon as our speakers for Dating 101.

Then, I took a break from being COB Representative and ran for the position of Campus President during the University Student Government General Elections 2014. I took a leave of absence and had my Operations Head Char Ramos as my officer-in-charge. In my absence, they were able to push through with Accounting Tutorials, a compensation and temporary solution to address the concerns my college had. This was also the term I tried my hand on creating posters for my events. It was another learning experience.

In this one year, I have learned so much. I’d like to think I became a better leader, a better student, and a better person. One thing I learned is that if you want to make a difference, if you want to make a change, you can’t do it alone. I was lucky enough to have the best team ever, having Lisa Venegas as my Finance Head, Raphaelo Perez as my Sales and Marketing Head, Chelsea Junio as my Sales Officer, Andre Alejo as my Marketing Officer, Charlegne Ramos as my Operations Head, Rap Aguillon and Justin Nograles as my Operations Officers, Mikhaela Calimag as my Research and Development Head, and Igor Pucay as my Research and Development Officer. I couldn’t have done, literally COULD NOT HAVE DONE, everything mentioned above without my College of Business Executive Committee. Even though some of them left later on to pursue and explore other opportunities, it has been an honor to have worked with them.

I am also very thankful to the first Campus President Nikka Ramos for being there for me and with me throughout this school year. She has supported me in all my events and projects; attending, helping out, giving me her opinions and advice with regards to STCG related stuff (and outside STCG related stuff), and for trusting me as her next-in-line. She believed in me from the very beginning.

Lastly, I am thankful to all those students who supported me during last year and this year’s General Elections, during my term as COB Representative, and during the times things became almost unbearable. I still have another year to serve you and I will do my best to give justice to your votes and to the Office of the Campus President, as Nikka has done.

As I say goodbye to my position, a position I love with all my heart, this isn’t farewell. I have complete confidence that Raphaelo Perez will be a great COB Representative, if not better than I. This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. I’m feeling that next year is going to be one hell of a battle, and I’m ready.

17 Phrases You’re Probably Saying Wrong

17 Phrases You’re Probably Saying Wrong

I saw this link on Facebook and thought about reading it… best decision ever! This is very helpful. It even talks about the etymology of some of the phrases. Good read! 


An excerpt:


Correct way to say it: I couldn’t care less.

Meaning: If you “could care less,” then you care and are capable of caring less. Make sure to keep it negative — meaning you don’t care and couldn’t care any less.


Click on the title and it will direct you to the site. 

BURST! DLSU-STC’s Arts and Cultural Week

JMA Fashion Show with special performances from Glee Club and Lucid Dance Troupe (Open to Outsiders)

Tripod Society’s “Art Explosion Photo Contest” Exhibit and Animo Teatro’s “iARTe mo!” Acting workshop featuring Romualdo Tejada of DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild

Lucid Dance Troupe’s Dance Workshop featuring Ryan Termoso of Supstah Cru and Artificial Instinct of Mapua Intramuros

and lastly,

CSC’s Acoustic Night and in line with Valentine’s Day: “Couple of the Night” Contest (Open to Outsiders)

See you guys there! It’s gonna be hella fun!